Saturday, August 11, 2012

Derrick comes off

The top half of the derrick was removed so the ship could fit under a bridge in Brisbane when we sailed there to the dry dock for maintenance


During a storm we headed to Nelson for cover and transferred off the ship via the Pilots boat

Brisbane & Dry Dock

Dry dock at Brisbane for maintenance and re-paint

The bridge we only just fitted under at low tide!

On Board

Fishing wasnt allowed....unless you were the chief mate!

The bridge

The stores buried deep in the hull
All the drill strings (pipes)
Xmas dinner setting
Nice sunsets

The huge on board hospital
Kiwi chefs cooking up a storm
Laundry time
Looking towards the drill floor
Some hitch hikers (seals)

The radio room

More Xmas dinner settings

Medics office

Waiting for the next crew to arrive

Mud doctor


Kiwi radio operator
Helicopter crew

Our taxi home